Who we are

Since 2009, Neat Repeats has been growing and giving more and more to Sheboygan Lutheran High School for the mission of education in Sheboygan County. We have provided major sponsorships for projects like the Performing Arts Center and scholarships to support families who want to send their children to the school. To date, we have contributed well over $1 million and the number keeps growing.

Sheboygan Lutheran provides an excellent education and numerous extracurricular opportunities to its students. These include more than 20 athletic programs and the performing arts like drama and music. We encourage you to learn more about the school and consider sending your children there. Visit lutheranhigh.com for more information.

We are proud to be rooted here in Plymouth serving our greater community and bringing visitors from the surrounding counties to shop and engage. As we continue to grow, we continue to need more volunteers. This mission takes a lot of people, and we would love for you to join more than 50 volunteers who make this facility a great place to be.